Understand the Power of your Body Wisdom – Part 2

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Join Dr. Michelle Greenwell and special guest, Kristen Mangione, as they share more about Body Wisdom in Part 2 of the Be Well with Dr. Michelle Greenwell podcast.

Exploring your Future Self

Somatic dance has become an incredible way to support mental health and personal well-being. The journey of discovery to notice how the body feels, and how it is moving, creates the space for reflection and change – your body wisdom. Kristen Mangione and Dr. Michelle Greenwell dive deeper into understanding the power of healing through movement as they explore movement to embody the future self through Dance Alchemy and Kristen’s project of Mapping the Heart.

Movement is Medicine with Body Wisdom

Michelle reflects on her experience with her Qi YINtegration program using movement with a specific formula for well-being to create the inspiration for change and free movement that body wisdom can provide. Together, Kristen and Michelle share their experience with their classes and students and how Dance Alchemy can be a catalyst for moving forward, releasing the past, and being whole.

Choose your TEA

Be sure to grab your cup of tea to relax and listen. They have HoneyBEE from the Cape Breton Tea Company on tap, with an emphasis on the vanilla and honeybush ingredients that provide support for change and understanding our unique magnificence.

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If you missed Part 1 of the Podcast, be sure to check out all the information here.

You can find Kristen here:

Website: www.kristenmangionedance.com

Instagram: @thedancealchemist

Facebook: DanceAlchemyfortheSoul

LinkedIn: kristenmangione

You can learn more about Michelle’s Qi YINtegration program here

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