About the Cape Breton Tea Company

Our tea focuses on capturing the memorable tastes in our backyard

When you ask Cape Bretoner if they would like a ‘wee’ cup of tea and stay for a visit, the hospitality emerges as you are embraced as a friend and family member. Get ready for a few oatcakes and homemade cheese and biscuits as well.

Let your time with our tea lead you to reflect on the memories of your visit, or the love you have for your CB home.

Each blend goes to the heart of the ingredients you find on Cape Breton Island and the ritual of tea and gathering in the community. We are passionate about how we involve traditions, as well as set new ones.

Although Cape Breton is known for a big pot of black tea on the stove, steeping for hours with several tea bags, we appreciate the subtle flavors that herbs and other tea blends can offer. We have included some of the traditional combinations and added the power of Rooibos, Honeybush, Green, Matcha, and more.

We appreciate the hot days of summer that require an ice-cold drink to quench your thirst and a cold night in the winter when a hot cup of tea is warming to the hands and heart. We invite you to embrace the flavors of the Cape Breton Tea Company to provide you with a personalized experience that brings your heart home.

Our Mission: To Create Awesome Memories of Home, one sip at a time!

We endeavor to empower you to pause and reflect with a heavenly cup of tea created with ingredients inspired by the herbs, gardens, and woods on Cape Breton Island.

We aspire to bring your heart back to the sea air, to the beaches, mountains, and trails that energize and empower you and bring out your best in your daily activities.

We hold close to our hearts the traditions of black tea and baking that have created loving spaces in our kitchens for families and friends to gather.

Love the Tea You’re With!

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