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Self-Discovery by Polishing your Life Mirror

How do you polish the mirror of your life to find the hero within? Amy Thurman discovers her inner strength to heal her broken neck. Before we dive into today’s podcast interview, take a moment to reflect on how you champion yourself daily. Do you congratulate yourself on a job well done or for having…
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Grief and Connection

An artist who moves people with their craft is such an inspiring and gifted way to live.  How has Ainsley developed the depth to her music and to her way of living?  Today we are going to be talking about the time Ainsley spent with her grandmother

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Discovering your Intuition – Part 2

Your intuition supports choices and wellbeing. Are you using your intuition to its full potential?

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Season 4 Podcast Releases Today

How do you develop intuition? Is there an easy way to begin to trust the messages you hear inside? Have a listen to learn more.