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Each of us is our own life coach advocate…sometimes we listen and take action, and sometimes we don’t. Join us to learn more about living life fully.

The Be Well with Dr. Michelle Greenwell Podcast

In Season 4, Episode 8, we welcome the coach for life coaches, Candy Motzek. Candy and I are part of the same mastermind group for High Vibe Leaders with Michelle Abraham, and we have similar outlooks on taking action for optimizing living well. In this podcast episode you will find some great transformation tips as well as a way to bring in new perspectives on simple ideas.




More about our conversation:

Have you come to the fork in the road, where you have stopped, stunned, and unable to go forward?  Perhaps you have been heading down your road of life mindfully picking your route and engaged with being present in the moment, and you still are not feeling like you are getting the golden jewels of life.  We have all been in these places of hesitation, procrastination, and dissatisfaction, wondering what is next for us. Life Coaching is often something reserved for the specialists, but it begins with us and our self-responsibility to design our wellness plan. A superior life coach knows how to help you invest in you.

CandyMotzek is a coach for life coaches who helps people at the start of their entrepreneurial journey to achieve a full client list and a successful business.  Our topic today is not designed just for coaches but for everyone looking for a successful path in life.  Today we will be exploring the importance of identifying where you want to be so you know what path you want to be on and why you want to make choices towards that endeavor, rather than focusing on those things that you are comfortable with, or that interest you.

Releasing the Warrior Tea

Our tea blend to support this podcast discussion is Releasing the Warrior, a blend from the Cape Breton Tea Company’s Tea with Intention Series.  We explore the power of the Juniper Berry and Sage to support our personal journey of discovery.  
Be sure to prepare your own cup of tea  before listening to the podcast, and enjoy the healing session that occurs while you listen to the podcast. 

Michelle also closes with the Foot Sensor Exercise which is a favourite for both the feet and the eyes, but also to find grounding, centering, stability, balance, and gravity as the reflexes are inspired to integrate and

Each episode of the Be Well with Dr. Michelle Greenwell podcast includes the BioEnergetic Wellness Formula.  That means that you have the opportunity to have a healing session while you listen based on the way the content is laid out and the activities we participate in.  Before listening you can create a goal or an intention of where you would like to be heading with an activity or in your life, then make your cup of tea, engage in the activities and celebrate at the end. 

Are you looking for more resources?  The best way to find all the resources in one location is by visiting  Become a regular listener of the podcast and purchase your own tea blends to assist you in transformation while you listen.  Our podcast is designed to bring balance and flow to your day, week, month, and year.  Thanks for sharing us with others who could also benefit.  Please send us your feedback and a review. 

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