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Have you been ignoring the stiffness, pain, fatigue, aches, and lower feelings? Have you considered how CAM programs, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, might be able to help you along your wellness journey? If you have wondered how you could sleep better, improve your digestion, release the tension in your joints, or soften the stiffness in your back, neck and shoulders, you are looking in the right place.

Research Findings

In many studies that use CAM techniques to identify ways to improve conditions, they find that Complementary and Alternative Medicine can help provide a road map and a reduction in symptoms. In a review of a program noted here, they discovered that over 77% of people, or three fourths, who used CAM programs found an improvement in their symptoms and an approach to wellbeing.

Personal Experience

Dr. Michelle Greenwell understands these statistics. She too has found health and wellbeing in her own self-care due to the tools that she has studied extensively and added to her personal wellness program. Her background in Psychology (BA), CAM (MSc), and CIH (PhD) (Complementary and Integrative Health), as well as over four decades in the movement for wellness industry through dance and Tai Chi has provided her with a unique perspective to look at your situation and to offer suggestions and energy enhancing tools. Not stopping there, Michelle continues to expand her knowledge daily as she shares Tai Chi, dance, and wellness protocols with others.

Working one-on-one with clients in personalized sessions, she has supported musicians, seniors, children, sleep challenges, allergies, chronic neck, back, hip, knee, and foot pain, anxiety, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, digestive challenges and more. In group sessions both online and in-person, Michelle has provided a formula for wellbeing along with the group support to engage the class in fun and interactive activities that release the tension in the body, and provide focus and clarity of purpose. Her years of dedication and awards for publications and presentations have her work experienced around the world.

A.M.E. for Greatness Project

A very special program that she is a part of is the A.M.E. for Greatness Project. Combining the talents of three wellness facilitators using varying approaches, they provide 9 sessions with session notes and a recording, along with a monthly call, a discovery session, and a social group. Their unique approach provides different perspectives and support through the wellness journey. Activities for home care and follow-ups provide direct connection through the roughly three to four months of targeted attention.

Learn more…

To learn more, please check out the landing page on this website. They offered a huge discount to their Beta project participants, and are offering a similar discount to the second Beta project participants. This offer is available through the month of July, with a start date of July 11th for the first group gathering online.

Reserve your spot today, and consider a 20 min discovery call with Michelle to see how this is a fit for you and the challenges you wish to put behind you. Just click on the button on the right hand corner of the website.

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