The Greenwell Center for Holistic Health is officially open!

young boy listening through a string and cup to his ear

A dream come true, the ability to blanket all of my passions for wellness under one umbrella. Please take time to get to know the areas that interest you most.

Special Offer

As part of our official opening, we are offering a special deal on one-on-one sessions to get you started with your summer wellness plan. As you look to sunshine, nature, and some more relaxing days to rejuvenate, let us help you prioritize your wellness needs so you can maximize your impact.

This special offer is valid until June 30th, with the final day for booking sessions as of August 31, 2024. Together we can help you make the best plans for summer rejuvenation and inspiration.

Click the “book an appointment” button at the top right of the main page to send an email to book your first session.

Be sure to check out the sign up for blogs on our main page, along with the newsletter, and familiarize yourself with the calendar and events pages. We have more announcements coming up.

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