Awareness and Experience Expand with Reflection

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When we take time with our personal experiences to know and learn, they transform in meaning and in impact.

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Reflection as a Way of Knowing

Have you wondered how your life experiences might shape your decision making, or your emotional balance and flow? In this latest podcast episode, we explore how time and energy put towards advancing our experiences can be rich and rewarding.

Cheryl Brewster, the owner of “The Intuitive Life – Inspiring Conscious Changemakers,” and Dr. Michelle Greenwell consider what reflection means for understanding our experiences, but also learning and growing from them.

Are you caught in the story of your experience?

When we talk about mental health and mental fatigue, sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the story of our experiences, rather in the lessons and the gifts of knowledge the create and provide for us.

If you have been striving to gain insights and intuition about your life and the experiences that shape you, then this podcast is for you.

Tea Insights

Our tea for this conversation is one that has been featured on the YouTube playlist for Tea, on this channel – The Mission4Change CommuniTEA.

At the Cape Breton Tea Company our tea is created to provide transitional moments for people as they sip the tea. As we were thinking about what tea would be good for revealing the best of who we are and our gifts to the world.

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Look for this title for the Mission4Change Herbs on YouTube

Learn more about Qi YINtegration

This CommuniTEA blend was used in Michelle’s Qi YINtegration program last year. The group was able to engage in some incredible collaborations, and bring about a sense of community with ease on projects for personal growth. Our time to reflect creates the space for a personal relationship to develop, and by bringing in the herbs from this blend, their spiritual essence can lift us up and help us see more clearly than we may have on our own. For this episode we are connection with rose petals for their love and devotion, and chamomile to provide rest and rejuvenation. Cheryl and Michelle believe that their relationship embodies our goal today, and these are just a few of the ingredients.

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Meet Cheryl Brewster

You can find Cheryl here: As a Transition Specialist, Transformational Speaker and Spiritual Mentor, Cheryl Brewster inspires individuals and organizations keen to make big differences in the world, to find the hidden treasure within challenge.

To learn more about Qi YINtegration, please visit the landing page.

Explore the Tea Playlist on YouTube

To learn more about the tea visit:, and enjoy the playlist on the YouTube channel for tea.

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