Tai Chi for Health and Wellness

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‘Meditation in motion,’ and ‘movement is medicine’ are two phrases that often refer to the incredible healing opportunity that Tai Chi provides. When will you join us?

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Tai Chi at the Greenwell Center

We have several programs to choose from at the Greenwell Center. Tai Chi Cape Breton operates with Dr. Michelle Greenwell as a volunteer instructor. Those classes are in Inverness and Creignish weekly throughout the whole year. Other classes are offered through the CORAH program at NSCC in Port Hawkesbury, and an introductory program in Hillsborough Glendyer Hall. Additional programs include Movement Made Easy and Qi YINtegration which operate on an 8 week cycle and break for the summer.

If you have been looking for a way to get active, learn more about moving with good posture, strength, and flexibility, then you have come to the right place. Looking for support with sleep, digestion, circulation, mental fatigue, depression, and overall energy? Give our programs a try and see how you can learn and grow with them, and how your body feels each day after your participation.

Be sure to check out all the resources now at your fingertips at the Greenwell Center for Holistic Health.

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