Story: Hugging the Holidays with a Mulled Wine

Hugging the Holidays with a Mulled Wine

Tea can create unique opportunities for transforming traditions. This recipe can be used with the Hugging the Holidays blend, Gingerbread Goodness, Mull River Chai, Merry Moments, or Apple Passion.

Create a concentrated version of the tea, using only half the amount of water usually used for a glass or for a pot. Choose the additional beverage you would like to combine with. This could be red wine, apple juice, or grape juice (we have lots from our grape vines that we harvest the grape leaves from). The tea can be 1/4 cup per cup of other beverage. Simmer the mixture on the stove, but don’t boil it. To sweeten, consider honey, maple syrup, agave nectar, or brown sugar. Adjust to desired sweetness. Pour into mugs or cups, add a cinnamon stick, orange slice, or some berries for garnish.

Each tea blend will create a unique burst of flavour. Try a small sample first to create the blend you enjoy the most.

The cold tea can also be mixed half and half with wine for a cold drink as well. Adjust as desired for flavour, and add sweetener if needed. This can be a great option for both a red wine and a white wine, or a traditional apple cider.

Originally posted: NOVEMBER 23, 2023

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