Story: Harmony Coasters to accompany the Harmony Blends Series of Teas

Harmony Coasters to accompany the Harmony Blends Series of Teas

Introducing the latest Tea Blends from the Cape Breton Tea Company! New to the fleet is Bras D’Or Sunsets, Golden SereniTEA, Island VitaliTEA, Highland Splendor, SoulTEA Harbour, and Mintal ClariTEA. These speciality blends are a highlight for those people looking for a little support with mental clarity for studying or focusing on a project, for getting a better sleep, for supporting the release of toxins, for reducing inflammation, and for the pure enjoyment of sipping on a superior cup of tea!

To accompany the tea blends are 11 unique coasters with affirmations that are photographs of Cape Breton Island nature, and transformed into artwork by intentional artist, Tanya Levy ( As part of a special project for “Unwinding Trauma” this series is a great addition to your self-care plan. With the Coasters, a mini package of the 6 tea blends, or a small package of the 6 tea blends can create weeks of herbal support for well-being while using intentions and art to lift your spirits daily.

Launching our special workshop series will be a Resiliency Workshop on Saturday, April 6th from 1-2:30 pm Atlantic, 9-10:30 am Pacific, and 5-6:30 pm in the UK. Registration details are on their way.

Originally posted: MARCH 3, 2024

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