Story: Cape Breton Tea Company can Help your Special Event Sparkle

Cape Breton Tea Company can Help your Special Event Sparkle

It has been a delight for the Cape Breton Tea Company to support special celebrations with some tea fun choices or a specialty blend being created.

A recent bridal shower in Mabou, Cape Breton chose to include 5 tea blends from our vast selection of teas. The event was a great success for everyone…they all felt regal with the presentation and the pairings.

“We had hosted a Bridal “Tea Party” Shower and Michelle was very helpful in choosing our 5 unique tea blends to use to compliment our menu. She also suggested different ways to serve each, such as the Summer Breeze in a champagne glass, the NS Harvest Blend used in ice cubes in a glass of water the colours were gorgeous! Queen Mary Blend served hot was delicious! The Cape Breton Tea Company added that special touch to a wonderful afternoon! Thank You Michelle!”

If you are considering a unique way to celebrate, and one which doesn’t need to include alcohol, then consider what a personalized blend could add to the occasion, or what a series of pairings could add to the food being served, or how the presentation of the tea can transform the different courses or appetizer choices. Tea is Art!

Originally posted: JUNE 4, 2024

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