Stories: Island Passion brings you home to the garden

When Michelle and Natascha first started visiting Cape Breton Island in the 1990’s, before they could call it home for real, they marveled at the Lupins along the highway in June, the ever-present yellow flowers that line all the lanes through the summertime, and the Queen Anne’s lace that graces the fields and pathways later in the summer. They also discovered the herbs and plants within the gardens.

Fast forward to the gardens they both grow today, and the herbs, flowers, and plants they cultivate to expand their tea blends. Island Passion is a tribute to all that is possible in our gardens, as well as a few treasures that are a part of herbal support for the body, mind, and spirit. This blend includes lemon balm, peppermint, lemongrass, orange blossoms and ginger. It also expands with strawberry, black currant and blackberry leaves, rose petals, rose hips and chamomile. It is sounding exquisite, isn’t it? Originally titled “Awesome” this blend is a part of the main collection in the Cape Breton Tea Company and is known as “Island Passion.”

Pairing this special calming blend took a little more investigation to find the right blend to compliment the peppermint, ginger, and lavender. We think we have found a great compliment. It is Mimolette D’Isigny as recommended by the incredible cheese experts at Brook Village Grocery. Popular in the northern part of France, this cheese is often referred to as the “Lille Cannonball” or “Old Lille.” This cheese follows specific details in manufacturing to create the earthy tones and depth of the flavour. It can often be found as a small square at a cocktail party or melted in a little pot or on top of some amazing desserts and veggie dishes that call for a little burst of flavour.

Always delighted to play with the right tea mug, you just have to smile at a happy face that is winking at you. Always in search of a great mug experience, Michelle and Natascha love to share their special mugs with friends and brighten their day.

Originally posted: DECEMBER 30, 2022

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