Stories: Introducing Mission4Change CommuniTEA

At the Cape Breton Tea Company, we are devoted to creating change and inspiration to support others. We have many fundraising events happening with our tea, and this special blend for the Moyo Family is a proud part of the company. Mission4Change CommuniTEA is a way to raise funds to support, water projects, mosquito nets, women’s products, concrete bricks for housing, Hippo rollers for water, emergency health care, and keystone gardens. Consider ordering a package of this tea and a second for a friend and share the message of compassionate living to help those in need. Perhaps your office or community group could support by purchasing for the group and making a donation:

At the end of each month, we have devoted the “Be Well with Dr. Michelle Greenwell” podcast to learning more about the Moyo family and how to ask the right questions to learn more about ways we can help others who might not be asking. 

The Cape Breton Tea Company is a proud sponsor of the podcast, and is always looking for ways to support the community, healthy living choices, nutritional drinks, and inviting people to Cape Breton Island to enjoy the beauty and the hospitality.

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The Mission4Change CommuniTEA makes an amazing Switchel. If you haven’t made the Switchel yet, be sure to check out the recipe in the stories, and add it to your fun beverages this summer.

Originally posted: JUNE 26, 2023

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