Stories: Cape Breton is known for hospitality

When you drive down the roads in Cape Breton, be prepared for a wave from the neighbor passing you in their car. Or, be sure to know “who’s your father?” because your heritage is an important milestone for knowing how you fit in the community. These are the delights of the community as you spend time in our small towns and at special events.

Cape Breton is also known for its sunrises and sunsets. This photo is no exaggeration of the beauty. On a good night the sunset can last long into the evening.

To capture the beauty that unfolds around us here, we wanted a cup of black tea that was easy to sip on and full of robust flavor. Our “Just Chill’n” blend is this creation. With a touch of citrus through the tartness of the cranberries, is also highlights the blackberries that grace our roadways in late August. Our fields always have a yellow flower blooming, and we have captured that with the addition of safflower and cornflower petals.

For something a little different, make this blend in a concentrate and freeze it into ice cubes. You can have a tall glass of water with the ice cubes to melt inside and a few blueberries at the bottom of the glass. A little refresher to replace a plain glass of water.

On the deck, watching the horizon, we hope you enjoy the Cape Breton Tea Company’s hospitality while you watch the colors unfold in the sky.

Originally posted: JANUARY 15, 2023

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