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Tea Supports Wellness Courses and Projects

Tea is a great way to support learning, memory, and stress release while learning new skills and ideas. The Cape Breton Tea Company is there to help facilitators and instructors to better support their students learning. What tea blend will you choose for your project?

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Beginner Tai Chi in Inverness County

Do you live in Inverness County? Have you been waiting for a Tai Chi class to support your wellness journey? We have a beginner class starting on Monday, July 22nd. Won’t you join us and give it a try?

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Crafting your Wellness Plan with Iced Tea

Iced Tea for the summer and for hydration. This sugar free beverage is packed full of nutrients and flavour. What are you drinking for your self-care routine this summer?!

Superior Life Coaching with Candy Motzek

Are you ready to take your life plan and put it into action? A little nervous if you have thought of everything? Join Candy Motzek and Dr. Michelle Greenwell as they look at superior life coaching and your self-responsibility for achieving wellness every day.

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Dance Alchemy for the Soul

The Be Well with Dr. Michelle Greenwell podcast is the place where transformation occurs. Kristen Mangione brings her dance alchemy to life with an experiential exercise, while together they discuss the power of movement to heal the body, mind, and spirit. Join us!

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The Deeper Benefits of Tai Chi: Beyond Cognitive Improvement in Aging

Signs of aging are not the time to begin your self-care plan. With Tai Chi you are building a wellness plan that provides more than mental health support and invites the opportunity for feeling great at any age.