Story: Homemade Egg Nog with our Cape Breton Tea Company Tea!

Homemade Egg Nog with our Cape Breton Tea Company Tea!

A family tradition for the Waines family has always been to make Egg Nog for celebrating. Over the years, with the kids grown and gone, I have created my own tradition with a batch of Egg Nog, my favourite Holiday music, and decorating the house. It is always a wonderful time.

In the past, Egg Nog has included rum, Kahlua, Bailey’s, and such, as an alcoholic drink. In the last few years I have been inclined to enjoy a non-alcoholic version, usually adding honey in place of the organic sugar, and vanilla for flavouring.

This year is different! This year with all the amazing Cape Breton Tea Company blends that have been created, there are some new depths to the flavours that are shining with my mom’s Egg Nog recipe. You just have to try it!

Another suggestion – take the time to pick up the Skye Glen Creamery milk and cream , their products are divine and add to the flavour!

From the Greenwell family to yours, we wish you a Happy Holiday Season as you celebrate your love with family and friends. Cheers!

Originally posted: DECEMBER 11, 2023

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