“Love the Tea you’re With”

The Cape Breton Tea Company Tea is a fun and unique way to enhance your day, mood, energy, and relationships.

Our unique blends highlight a full experience. The taste and fragrances of each blend wake up the senses. The colours are bold and beautiful, just like Cape Breton Island. Lastly, our intentions with each tea and special recipes create fun occasions to share with others while enhancing your day.
Enjoy the recipes, tea pairings, and special events below…

Tea is a Nutritional Aly at the Cape Breton Tea Company

Cape Breton Tea Company can Help your Special Event Sparkle

Three Harmony Blends are on tour with Award-winning author, Amy Thurman

Quality Craftsmanship: We aren’t JUST a tea manufacturing company!

The Cape Breton Tea Company began with “Teas with Intention”, a unique way to connect with the essences of the plants to be empowered by their garden magic. That was in 2015. Today we have added specialty blends that highlight Cape Breton Island, and we have also continued the tradition of raising the frequency of our tea.

As you look at the Tea Artist poster, you will see that we have added some special logos at the bottom. Our Teas with Intention Series has special symbols for each of the Five Elements from Chinese Medicine. We also have a new symbol for the Five Elements that shares that the blend has ingredients representing all five elements to nurture your soul.
We also know the power of music, song, and dance. Our teas are often gifted with a Ceilidh celebration or a performance where they have been infused with the power of the music. We now will be sharing which teas have been gifted the added frequency. We will also be recognizing the artists with the title of “Musical Infusion Artist” as a part of the CBTC TEAm.

If you are looking for caffeine or antioxidant levels, or herbal mixtures, they also have their own symbols. We strive to provide you with the best experience possible to transform your day while sipping away on one of our blends. Enjoy the extraordinary care we add to our packages!

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