Stories: The Dandelion, a Flower of Life for Tea

At the Cape Breton Tea Company, we value quality and organic ingredients whenever possible. Tea does come from around the world and is sought after for its high antioxidant and nutritional qualities. Our black teas focus on the main ingredients meeting the standard of what we can bring to Cape Breton through black tea offerings, and our additional ingredients support the tastes and smell we love, like apple, cinnamon, cloves, maple, and cranberry for starters. Our herbal blends also require unique combinations and high-quality ingredients. Where possible we will be adding more ingredients grown on Cape Breton Island, especially the flower petals that empower us throughout the spring, summer, and fall.

Today we are highlighting the dandelion as it makes its spring appearance. This amazing plant offers high-quality goodness through the root, stem, leaves, and flowers. To learn more about dandelion flowers please check out this special video. As our season progresses and the flowers grow up in the fields, you will see us adding ingredients to our blends to bring forward the powerful opportunity of our local flowers to support our well-being and our passion for good tea.

If you are looking for our tea blends that highlight dandelion, it is currently found in our Tea with Intention Series: “Releasing the Warrior.”

This photo of the dandelion is taken by David Greenwell, highlighting one of our beautiful sunsets with the amazing “Flower of Life” that the mature dandelion flower displays. The “Flower of Life” comes from Sacred Geometry representing the connection of all of us as one in the universe. This is a powerful flower!

Originally posted: MAY 5, 2023

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