Stories: Tea for Fundraising

Tea is all about experiences and rituals. Everyone has a story that involves tea at some point. Also, we all have our tea favorites. What if tea could be a way to bring people together for a great cause? What if we could work together to promote the health benefits of tea and support people in their wellness plans?

This is the vision of the Cape Breton Tea Company. We want people to be excited about tea. To be sharing tea at gatherings, considering it as a morning routine to energize, to be an addition at the table for lunch or dinner, and to add flavor to the food.

When tea is brought forward in a fundraising capacity we help to share the word about the value of tea for body, mind, and spirit. How might your group or organization be benefited from sharing tea?

This photo is from the Wine Country Tai Chi Societies fundraiser (April 2023). They are using tea to help support raising enough money to light up the Tai Chi sign at their location so more people can find Tai Chi and benefit from its practice. You can order your tea for this fundraiser here: Wine Country Tai Chi Society is located in West Kelowna, B.C. They also share tea during their Tai Chi practice to help cultivate community and support for each other. It is a great addition to their Tai Chi practice.

Originally posted: APRIL 15, 2023

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