Stories: Summer Breeze is a Beach Day Highlight!

The Blue Nose II toured our Inverness County Harbors and revealed the true majestic legend that this schooner has been. You can learn more about her restoration project here: This picture was captured on Colindale Road, just down from our West Mabou Beach where the pilot whales can often be seen swimming. The full sail is amazing to witness as this famous boat glides so beautifully through the water.

To capture a true summer day at the beach, and to celebrate campfires and seafood dinners, we wanted to have a lemonade version of tea that would heighten the senses after a day in the sun. This special blend has a citrus, strawberry, apple, and raspberry flavor and the presentation can be enhanced with a lemon slice or a sprig of mint in the glass. Served hot or cold, this tea is a refreshing way to share time with family and friends.

Have you considered how you might host a unique dinner for guests highlighting different teas from our selection? Appetizers can have a tea blend in a short glass with berries for ice cubes. The main meal can be enhanced with an herbal blend that includes mint, like Island Passion, that can help with digestion. Served in a tall glass it can be garnished with mint, a fancy stir stick, or a paper umbrella with a piece of pineapple or a berry attached. For dessert, a hot cup of tea can be offered that pairs well with the treat being served. Using china cups or special pottery mugs can make the occasion extra special. The ritual of tea dates back thousands of years, today we can create a wonderful way to celebrate the day!

Originally posted: JANUARY 15, 2023

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