Stories: Island Orchard meets Skye Glen Jersey Cream Brie

As we were preparing this tea blend to match the cheese selection, its cinnamon and cloves combined with the Orange Rooibos were stirring up the senses. We could hardly wait to taste this pairing as it smelled amazing.

This blend was originally released with our Tea with Intention teas as Apple Passion. Originally created with the help of Michellie Greenwell and Diane Krochko, this blend has been a favorite with everyone who has tasted it. It has been used in recipes for muffins, cakes, and iced teas, as well as with a hot apple cider. By making a concentrate of the tea, we can infuse its specialty blend into many recipes where water or a beverage may be called for.

Today we have taken Island Orchard, as it is fondly referred to at the Cape Breton Tea Company, and paired it with Jersey Cream Brie from Skye Glen Creamery. Located just down the road from our tea heaven, it can also be found at Brook Village Grocery. This subtle treasure is like a soft and smooth cream or butter. Combined with a marmalade or pepper jelly, you can dress it up or leave it plain. The tea blend pairs easily with it, bringing in the warm, cozy feel of this fragrant tea blend.

Tea with china is always a pleasure. You can see the rich orange color of the tea. Also in the picture is a replica of the crystal found on the Titanic. This was made by Nova Scotia Crystal, and is a treasure, along with the china. The crystal company was unable to survive the challenges of the pandemic, and unfortunately, we are unable to get more of this beautiful crystal. The jam jar is a treasure that has been in the Greenwell family for four generations and is fun to use when we add jam to the tastings.

Originally posted: DECEMBER 30, 2022

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