Season 4 Podcast Releases Today

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It is amazing that Season 4 is upon us. With 83 Episodes shared so far, the season opens with #84 and the incredible Cheryl Brewster, from the Intuitive Life, interviewing Dr. Michelle Greenwell.

The Podcast episode is called “Discovering your Intuition” and together Michelle and Cheryl dive into some deep ideas about health and wellbeing. They introduce the Cape Breton Tea Company tea blend: SoulTEA Harbour with an emphasis on the power of Rooibos and Green Tea, as well as the spiritual essence of Stinging Nettle and Anise.

You will find that this season the exploration of herbs for wellbeing will be explored more in-depth. As well, you will also be empowered by the BioEnergetic Wellness Formula that is embedded within the format of the show. You are getting a balancing session with each podcast you listen to.

We will be sharing some incredible topics including music, grief, wellbeing, energy building, unwinding trauma, building resiliency, movement as medicine, overcoming challenge, and more.

We continue to share the story of the Moyo family as they navigate the challenges of living in Malawi, Africa in a drought stricken area of the world riddled with disease and challenge. The Mission4Change CommuniTEA is a fundraising effort to support this family, and each package purchased from the Cape Breton Tea Company helps to raise them up, as well as their village.

This season we have added a subscription button to provide support to the podcast. If you are enjoying the podcast, we invite you to help support its continued development, as well as specialty shows for those who are subscribers. These will be unveiled in coming weeks.

We have also added a “text us” link to help you to leave a comment or offer a testimonial of what transforms for you while listening to the podcast. We look forward to being able to connect with you in a more personal way.

As you become empowered by the podcast, consider how other programs offered by Dr. Greenwell could be supporting you. This could include the Harmony Blends Teas and Coasters to help you unwind your trauma and build resiliency, or it could be the Movement Made Easy class that introduces you to the BioEnergetic Wellness Formula through music and movement. Perhaps you want to develop your skills and learn some techniques. Be sure to check out the class listings to learn more about what is available for you.

As we empower you, know that so much more is possible when you become part of a group destined for greatness through connection, collaboration, and passion. At the Greenwell Center for Holistic Health we are advancing the way self-care and self-empowerment for wellbeing are approached daily.

Enjoy the Podcast! Or, Vodcast!

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To learn more about Cheryl Brewster and her amazing programs, she will be featured in an upcoming episode exploring her work as a “Joy Strategist.” Here is a tease before that episode airs…”As a Transition Specialist, Transformational Speaker and Spiritual Mentor, Cheryl Brewster inspires individuals and organizations keen to make big differences in the world, to find the hidden treasure within challenge.” Stay tuned.

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