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Private Sessions

Michelle Offers
one-on-one sessions

Are you unsure how to begin your self-care journey?  Book a prviate session with Michelle and she will get you started with your intentions, finding the right tools and activities to make changes, and she will provide a healing session within a 75 min booking.

To book a session email and put “private session” in your subject line.  The cost is $125, including tax.  It is recommended to do three sessions to get a good start on your wellness plan and journey, with support for those first changes and new experiences.

How to prepare for your one-on-one session…

Empower your goals
with personalized tools for daily wellness choices.

     Arrive to your scheduled session about 10 – 15 min early to relax and reflect on the changes you want to make or the pain you wish to reduce. 
     During the session you will be empowered with learning more about the blocks and hinderances to your self-care.  
     The session can include tools from Touch for Health, Therapeutic Touch, NeuroReflex Integration, Tai Chi, dance, Sound Essences, Therapeutic Singing Bowls, and specialized programs created by Michelle.
     Together you will follow the priorities determined by muscle monitoring for biofeedback from the body. 
     Leave 15 min after the session to let the body continue processing and maximizing the session.

After a Session

Your outcome from a session
can be empowering  when you are sure to follow your after-care instructions!

Old habits are something to watch for.  Keep your goals and intentions in mind that were set at the session, and monitor their success or advancement.  Release judgment of not doing enough or being good enough, and relax into the unknown of where you have created new ideas, actions, interests, and patterns.  Time brings opportunities to you, intuition can grow, and hindsight will shine a light on the changes.

Be sure to continue your progress, and think ahead to how the next session can help you advance, and bring the session into focus.  So many people wait and let the changes wither before considering what they should do next.  

Our programs are cumulative, and so the more you participate and activate, the more you can witness transform. Invest in you!  Take the time for your care, and plan your wellness. 

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