Embracing Change, Creating New Beginnings

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Are you ready to embrace change within your life to create new beginnings, to find the nuggets within your experience? The Curiously Wise Podcast with Lauren Wittig opens this discussion with Dr. Michelle Greenwell in the recent release of episode 101.

Meet Lauren Wittig

Have you read Lauren Wittig’s romance novels set in Historical Scotland? Perhaps you have been following her podcast? Lauren is a bestselling author and an award winning author for her medieval Scottish romances, including Charming the Shrew, and her books have been translated into 3 different languages.

The Curiously Wise Podcast takes us on our own adventure, as Lauren helps us to explore the intersection of our human experience and our spiritual experience, focusing on the ways each supports and enhances the other. Creating fun and revealing conversations that enhance our life’s experience, Lauren asks us to ’s get curious!

Michelle and Lauren’s conversation

Dr. Michelle Greenwell sat down with Lauren to talk about the ways in which we can embrace change or be paralyzed by it. Also, how we look at and celebrate new beginnings. Michelle’s approach to looking at your intended outcome for an activity or action can change or enhance the experience and the growth that continues to result long past the activity.

If you have felt the changes you have experienced since the pandemic, and have been struggling with negative consequences, consider how Lauren and Michelle might be able to help you reframe your experience and find the hidden gems within.

Michelle’s knowledge of the BioEnergetic Wellness Formula and its impact on positively accepting change and creating new beginnings is very powerful. All of her programs and conversations weave the formula throughout so that healing is a part of conversations and outcomes with Michelle’s involvement.

Make your Cup of Tea

Be sure to put on a cup of tea for the chat so you can relax and release into the herbs in your tea. Set your intention for listening to the podcast and breathe deeply as they explore many facets of experience and intended outcomes. Tea can relax us into creating changes.

Here is the link to the podcast.

Be sure to have a pad of paper and a pen ready to write new insights and ideas down, as well as any phrases or activities you want to learn more about. You want to optimize on embracing change in your life and creating new beginnings.

Creating your Change

At the Greenwell Center for Holistic Health we have many programs to help support your wellness journey. You can be involved in one-on-one sessions to get your started, and you can join in the group activities both online and in-person. Michelle hosts retreats, workshops, and special events throughout the year as well. How will you get started? Click on the “book an appointment” button in the top right corner, and let Michelle know you are ready to do something different to get something different in your life. She will be happy to help you prepare that road map and lead you down the pathway.

If you want to explore, make sure you have downloaded the Top 8 Stress Releaser poster from the main page. Return to the main page to check out the different tabs and their corresponding information.

Learn more about Michelle’s podcast here and stay tuned for the upcoming release of her interview on the Be Well with Dr. Michelle Greenwell podcast featuring Lauren Wittig.

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