Cheese Club at Brook Village Grocery

The Cheese Club for February (from Brook Village Grocery) is focused on France, one of the most famous cheese-producing countries in the world. Our gift box included Beaufort (firm and buttery and melts in your mouth, Etorki (sweet, nutty, and earthy with a little caramel and 4000-year-old tradition for making), Valencay (creamy with citrus and floral notes), and Roquefort (creamy, tangy, high salt, and sharp).

We delight in setting the table, and bringing out the specialty glasses and teapots to accompany the cheese tasting. Brook Village, (Karen and Kathryn), are so beautiful to provide the addition of beverage options to go with the cheese. As we are not huge alcohol drinkers, we had been pairing the beer and wine with the cheese, but it is delightful to know that we can create non-alcoholic options with our tea blends.

As we get more familiar with the different cheeses, we look forward to creating special options for when entertaining guests to create a full special event.

Before the cheese club, the stronger blue cheeses were not something I would pick up, but since testing the different kinds, I am becoming a true believer in the bluer the better. Our surprise favorite at this Cheese Club was the Roquefort with Island Passion. The deep taste of the Roquefort was softened by the herbal blend which includes rooibos, lemon balm, peppermint, lavender, rose petals, chamomile, and ginger to name a few ingredients. This was truly a surprise. The other flavor that we enjoyed was Queen Mary with Etorki. The creamed earl grey flavor partnered beautifully with the nutty and sweet flavors of the cheese.

We invite you to book your spot in the cheese club at Brook Village Grocery and begin to explore the flavors that can burst from a mouthful of great cheese with savoring teas.

Originally posted: FEBRUARY 26, 2023

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