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Michelle Greenwell – Owner and Tea Artist

Passionate about tea and creating an inspirational gathering for family and friends, Dr. Greenwell brings her skills with the essences of herbs and the well-being needs of the tea drinker together. Cultivating special blends that highlight the love and beauty of Cape Breton Island while teasing your taste buds with delicious combinations is a highlight.


Wellness Resources on YouTube

Find the vodcast version of the podcast as each episode highlights a tea blend and two herbs and their relationship to the conversation. Take time to make a cup of our tea and relax.  Four seasons of great listening.


The Cape Breton Tea Company creates unique blends for optimum herbal enjoyment! Learn more about our tea and programs on our YouTube playlist. Explore the herbs and their messages.
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Tea Videos
Special Occasions with Personalized Blends

Offering a unique gift is a highlight of our business. We have created blends for a 60th Wedding Anniversary, bridal shower, wedding gift, birthday, celebration, and more. Ask us how you could highlight your special occasion.

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Breton Print

All of the Cape Breton Tea Company printing is supported by the talents of Andrew Brooks and the staff at Breton Print.
This includes labels, business cards, publications, posters, postcards, stickers, coasters, and the Tea with Intention Book.


Dr. Greenwell has a unique way of presenting tea to her audiences…

So many people request a single herb to help them with an ailment.  However, Michelle’s approach is to look at the relationship of the herbs to each other and how a Cape Breton Tea Company blend can create a bouquet of support in the unique way the combinations are brought together for your tasting pleasure.  

Highlighting her title as a “Tea Artist,” presentations may include holding the colour of the tea in a wine glass, learning about the power of intention set for each blend, specific art to enjoy the tea with or which symbolizes the blend, and the voice of the herbs with her special plant machine.  Intrigued?  An awesome cup of tea is yours for the choosing!

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Where can you find the tea blends?

The Cape Breton Tea Company has shipped across Canada and internationally. If you can’t find a location near you, we are happy to ship your special choices directly to you. Just check out the shop!


Whistleberry Market, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

Offering wholesome foods from local suppliers, this Nova Scotia location is just outside of New Glasgow in Pictou County – 1115 Pleasant Valley Rd, Salt Springs. This is a great way to bring a little of Cape Breton Island to your off island travels.

The Store Studio in Creignish, Cape Breton Island

This specialty shop has seen many years of traffic on Route 19. Featuring artisans from the area, you can find many souvenir treasures to take home with you. Peggy Burke, owner, can also share stories of the general store her father ran for many years. It is a pure delight to make this a stop for Cape Breton Tea Company tea and more.

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Chestico Museum and Historical Society, Port Hood

Highlighting the history of the area, this museum keeps Port Hood and area hopping with special events throughout the summer. You will find the Cape Breton Tea Company tea in the shop this summer!

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Quincy Street Market, Inverness

Quincy Street Market, located in beautiful Inverness, Cape Breton, is a locally owned business featuring everything you need for life by the sea. Thoughtfully curated, Quincy offers a variety of home décor, clothing, and locally made art and goods. A shopping destination that has something for everyone!

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Mabou Communications

The heart of our community, the Mabou “Post Office” is sharing our teas as a fundraiser for the services provided. Stop by, say “hi,” and pick up a bag or two of tea to mail or take home for sharing. This is a great little spot on main street Mabou!

The Celtic Music Interpretive Centre

Located in Judique, NS on Route 19, this centre includes Celtic archives, weekly concerts, a gift shop, and restaurant. The tea is in the gift shop.

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The Farmer’s Daughter

On Highway 105 at Whycocomagh, this country market boasts many wonderful treats and souvenirs. The tea is a part of their gift shop area.

In the Shop
tea, tea herbs, wooden spoons and tea coaster

Mission4Change CommuniTEA

This special tea blend is a fundraiser for a special family in Malawi, the Moyo family. You can follow their story on the podcast, and support their ability to rise above incredible challenges at the GoFundMe page. Thank you for bringing their tea forward for family and friends and giving in many ways.  When the Mission4Change ComminiTEA is purchased, 100% of the proceeds are sent to the family to support their family’s needs.  Together we strive to support a village in crisis.

The teas are in our shop, and in West Kelowna, BC, they can be purchased from Charlene Waines on Facebook, or through the Wine Country Tai Chi Society. 

Learn more about the MoyosFacebookWCTCS Website
The Other Cupboard Emporium

Located at Indian Brook, Cape Breton Island, NS, this specialty food store has a vast array of health food options and items. Our tea selections include blends from the Tea with Intention series.

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Hart’s of Boylston General Store

We are your one-stop specialty grocery, unique gift selection, homemade freezer meals, lunch to go, and always something new in store!

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The Nest on Route 19 in Mabou

A unique shop featuring nature-themed jewelry, gifts, and home decor. Great selection of local fiddle music and traditional tea.

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Brook Village Grocery

Brook Village Grocery carries our tea in bulk (to reduce packaging and make sampling easier), and 50 gm packages. We have teamed up with the Cheese Club to pair tea and cheese with non-alcoholic options while dining.
Thinking of iced tea in the summer? Get your blend today!

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Wine Country Tai Chi Society Tea Fundraiser

Our tea can support fundraising efforts. In West Kelowna, B.C. they have added our tea to their tea breaks, workshops and demonstrations.
Do you have a project that tea could support? Reach out to us with your ideas.

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Rhonda McCulloch
Danceology hosts CBTea

Fundraising with Tea has become a big part of the programming at this school of dance. Rhonda has been instrumental in supporting dance availability for all, through products that can create healthy habits for dancers. RM is our Alberta distributor.

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Cape Breton Center for Craft and Design

Our tea has been juried and accepted into the shop at CBCCD. If you are in the Sydney, NS area, please stop by and see the teas surrounded by incredible art. As a tea artist, Michelle is excited to be honoring the artistry of sipping and creating tea.

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The Cape Breton Food Hub

CBTC is proud to be a part of the local produce community through the HUB! Support local and consider how you can access locally grown and harvested food.

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Heartlady Inspiration

Tanya Levy’s poetry, art, books, photography, jewelry, and inspirational products create opportunities for healing and wellbeing, including tea. Check out the latest creations here.

Artwork for Tea
Tea bags and two wine glasses with tea

Turn up the Frequency – Vibrational Tuning

Co-Founder of the Tea with Intentions Tea and Co-Author of the Tea with Intention Book, Natascha Polomski specializes in sound to bring balance and harmony to the body, mind, and spirit.


The Little Flower Farm

Located near D’Escousse on Cape Breton Island…they host divine tea parties with special garden settings!

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Heartworks Studio

The Hillsborough Church with the Blue Roof is home to a new arts collective that provides an open space for adults to pursue art projects with full resources.
Cape Breton Tea is always on!

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“Tea and Toast” in Hillsborough -Glendyre Hall, NS

Connecting Community is the objective of this special gathering on Tuesday mornings. Cape Breton Tea will be on tap!

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CORAH Programs
NSCC Port Hawkesbury

Tea is always a part of Dr. Greenwell’s presentations. Check out the courses offered.

Monthly Calendar

Sydney Airport

Heading out to visit family, or sending a visitor on their way…be sure to stop for your tea supply

What’s New?
Maple Roch, Summerland, BC

Time-honoured traditions have left the recipe unchanged. Gather what the forest gives and maintain its purity to truly enjoy the untouched history in its flavour.  Maple Roch has 3 Tea Blends they share in the store from the Cape Breton Tea Company

The Four Mermaids Gifts from the Sea, Port Hood, Cape Breton

Are you looking for a treasure to remind you of the many beaches in Port Hood and along the west side of Cape Breton Island.  Littls treasures are hidden within this shop, including the Cape Breton Tea Company teas. 

Galloping Cows Jams and Jellies, Port Hood, Cape Breton

There is nothing better than a great chat in the kitchen over tea and treats.  In Cape Breton, this often means biscuits with jam and oatcakes. The Galloping Cows have amazing combinations, similar to what the CBTC offers.

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Phare Bistro 756, Louisbourg, Cape Breton

Are you ready for a culinary journey that celebrates the rich traditions of Cape Breton while embracing global flavors? Red Seal Chef Michael P. Mondor and hospitality expert Rhonda Scott, have added the Cape Breton Tea Company tea to their fine selection of high dining cuisine.

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Tea in Wellness Clinics

There are many ways for people to enjoy the tea ritual.  Support for goals and dreams can be inspired by the intentions on the front of each tea package.  For those teas in the Tea with Intention Series based on the Five Element Theory from Chinese Medicine using Western Herbs, there are also three or four additional intentions on the back of the package.  Self-care can include finding the perfect tea blend to support your wellness plan.  Some of our tea vendors include wellness facilitators who include tea in their waiting areas, as well as in their sessions and home plans.


6 glasses of tea and coasters laying on a table


Denise Cambiotti

CEO of Muscle Tuners International, and a member of, Densie has many tools that she includes in her one-on-one sessions, including Touch for Health. Tea is a part of her self-care plan also.

Learn MoreOpening your Tea Package
Emma Acquarone

CEO of Acquarone Kinesiology, and a Joint Anchor Technique Instructor, Emma has added the Harmony Blends series and Coasters to her clinic. Providing support to her clients through herbs is one of her many tools for a wellness plan.

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Amy Thurman

Author of ‘The Hero Within,’ Amy has taken three of the Harmony Tea Blends on her book signing tour. Reading and sipping tea can be very supportive to calming emotions and finding resolutions. Choose the tea that supports you well.

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Melissa Deally

CEO and podcaster for Your Guided Health Journey, Melissa supports the emotional and nutritional aspects of wellness. Training others in NLP and Hypnosis, she has added the CBTC tea to her training sessions.

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The Cape Breton Tea Company is proud to be in Nova Scotia

Having a good cup of tea in your hands daily provides for a start to an energized wellness plan.

We are adding more locations on the mainland…

We know that accessibility to our tea blends is important, and we are excited for our new location additions.

Whistleberry Market

A favourite spot for many along the highway just outside of New Glasgow, this store is packed with local treasures, as well as a lunch counter for a great meal.  Add them to your travel plans…115 Pleasant Valley Rd, Salt Springs, NS B0A 2K0




bags of tea lined up along a wooden shelf

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